Who We Are

We are a technology solutions firm and our specialty is Identity and Access Management (I&AM). Our clients are Fortune 1000 firms with strategic application security initiatives. These initiatives include aspects of provisioning, access requests, attestation, credential assertion, single sign-on, role-based access control, fine-grained authorization, federated identity management, virtualized identity and others. We offer a range of Services and Solutions for supporting all phases of identity management projects. Our rigorous delivery methodology ensures customer's success and the longevity of the solution.


As organizations tackle identity administration and provisioning projects, managing the lifecycle of entitlements has rarely been cited as a challenge yet it's a formidable one. While being tightly coupled to identities at provisioning time, entitlements frequently change out-of-band, thus invalidating a previously executed identity workflow. More..


Identigral now offers a customized workshop as a way of sketching a vendor-neutral solution architecture without engaging in a larger Assessment and Design effort. The workshop can help you identify "big rocks" and avoid risky implementation strategies. More...