The following services are offered to your organization regardless of your technology choice or environment . Our expertise spans products and platforms from all major vendors and we pride ourselves on aligning our services with your business objectives.

Identity Lifecycle Framework

Enterprise customers will benefit from applying our Identity Lifecycle Framework . The Framework offers best-practice processes, guidance, and custom-tailored solutions for managing the entire spectrum of your identity and access management project.Learn how our solution framework and operations best practices can help the bottom line of your business.

Assessment and Design

If your organization is in the early planning stages for a major Identity and Access Management project, Assessment & Design service will provide in-depth evaluation of business requirements, plans and architectures. This early-stage service allows you to identify and mitigate risks and realize benefits quickly.

Assessment & Design service will help you create plans for your business solution by preparing a solid foundation to build on. Based on a proven approach, this service includes technical architecture and design deliverables that are developed in-house and extend beyond the scope of our Workshop service.


We can meet your needs by providing a customized implementation service for your business process and Identity and Access Management products you have selected. Our consultants have the latest tools and product expertise to deliver projects of various complexity.

Training and Maintenance

After your Identity and Access Management solution has been deployed, we can help lower your maintenance cost. Identigral provides comprehensive training for your staff. Our training workshops involve real-world scenarios based on your architecture and business requirements. A customized maintenance framework is also available to allow for greater agility in your ongoing change processes.


You've identified a need for an Identity and Access Management solution within your organization, you've talked to the vendors, stakeholders and executive sponsors but the picture is still fuzzy. Identigral offers a customized workshop as a way of narrowing the selection criteria and sketching a solution architecture without engaging in a larger Assessment and Design effort. The workshop is tailored to your environment, your business processes and your organization. Workshops vary in length from a few hours to a few days. More details..

Change Management Checkup

When implementing an Identity and Access management solution, the development lifecycle will be tightly coupled to your identity processes . Whether an implementation activity produces source code (and qualifies as development) or revolves around product configuration that does not require coding, the activity generates artifacts. These artifacts must be stored, labeled and documented in such a way that rotation of staff on the implementation team has minimal impact on your ability to deploy fixes, enhancements and upgrades.

The Change Management Checkup service offers a way of qualifying the resilience of your development, deployment and promotion processes with respect to organizational events that introduce a loss or addition of new staff. Take the Agility Index quiz and find out where you stand!