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by Deborah Volk on May 8th, 2009

Ask Identigral (tag, category) is our answer to Dear Abby. According to Wikipedia, "Dear Abby ... is known for its uncommon common sense and youthful perspective", two qualities we're striving for in our blog. Since Abby isn't very good when it comes to identity and access management products' arcana, I together with the rest of Identigral staff have decided to step in and close the gap. Email us your questions about any Oracle identity or access management product(s) and once a week we will post the answers here.
Question: I am trying to use Deployment Manager for importing my prevoiusly exported XML file into another Oracle Identity Manager instance and the Deployment Manager freezes on the last screen. Is there a restriction on the size of XML? I am using OIM 9.0.3.

Signed, Still Migration Stumped
Answer: Deployment Manager does not have a size limitation but I've seen large XML files cause problems. Here are some tips for troubleshooting frozen Deployment Manager:

1) Since Deployment Manager uses a Java applet on the browser side, you have to be careful with browsers and JREs. Officially (certification matrix in release notes), only Internet Explorer 6.0 SP2 is supported with OIM 9.0.3.x so try that first. We have users successfully importing and exporting via Deployment Manager with IE 7.x, Firefox 2.x and 3.x and even Chrome but when you're in a jam, best to go with supported config.

2) Assuming you've got the right browser and it still hangs on the last screen, look at the JREs installed on the machine where you're launching the browser from. The browser could be an issue but the most frequent cause of Deployment Manager hanging is the JRE. In the case of Sun JDK, when you install the JDK, JRE is installed separately, even if both JDK and JRE are shipped in the same installation bundle. You can uninstall a Sun JRE without affecting the JDK. Uninstall all JREs except for a single 1.4.2_xx JRE. As bizarre as this sounds, I ran into issues with Deployment Manager where the minor version of JRE actually mattered and I recommend 1.4.2_16 . Perhaps the root cause of the problem wasn't due to the difference in minor version, I didn't troubleshoot all the way, but going to _16 worked for me.

Before uninstalling the other JREs, you can verify if the issue has to do with JRE by pulling up the Java console when you start Deployment Manager via OIM web UI. In the Sun JRE Java console, you can activate debug mode by hitting 5. If you see error message with "Bad magic number", the issue has to do with a JRE version and multiple JREs. (If you don't see this message, I still recommend this procedure, the message merely makes the case stronger). Even if your browser says it's using a 1.4.2_xx JRE, uninstalling other JREs helps. For those who want to play it really safe, uninstall all JREs, then install a single 1.4.2_xx JRE. You don't need to reboot,restarting the browser is good enough.

3) You've got a single JRE on a supported browser and it still hangs. Sometimes the large size of an XML file can be a problem. I've seen two variations of this, one is a network-based restriction and one is a Deployment Manager issue. Somewhere along the way there's a network component (or web server or some other component) that restricts the size of data being transferred, usually as a measure of prevention against floods or denial-of-service attacks. In this case, you want to make sure your entire XML is actually getting to the Deployment Manager.

The other variation is Deployment Manager choking on a large XML. The solution is to break up the export into smaller chunks and then try the import again.


What if you can't even get your Deployment Manager to launch? I would use the right browser and make sure you haven't disabled the pop-ups, blocked Javascript orprevented Java applets from loading. If your OIM instance is protected by a web SSO tool such as Oracle Access Manager or Siteminder, thenmake sure that relative URL /Nexaweb is allowed by your SSO policy.
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