Ask Identigral (issue 1)
by Deborah Volk on May 4th, 2009

Ask Identigral is our answer to Dear Abby. According to Wikipedia, "Dear Abby ... is known for its uncommon common sense and youthful perspective", two qualities we strive for in our blog. Unfortunately Abby is not very technical, I keep wanting to cross her with Walt Mossberg of Wall Street Journal but this will have to wait until next century. Since neither Abby nor Walt are any good when it comes to identity and access management products' arcana, I together with the rest of Identigral staff have decided to step in and close the gap. Email us your questions about any Oracle identity or access management product(s) and once a week we will post the answers here.
Question: I was moving a resource from one Oracle Identity Manager (OIM) instance to another instance via deployment manager. The import failed part of the way through, and now I have a process form with no columns.What do I do now?

Signed, Migration Stumped
Answer: Moving assets from one OIM instance to another OIM instance is not a 100% bulletproof process, errors are sometimes encountered on import. There are several things you can do:

1) Check the logs to see what failed. Sometimes it has to do with foreign keys on tables missing, sometimes it has to do with objects already existing in the database. If the depoyment manager subsystem logging is turned off, turn it on and make it verbose (XELLERATE.DDM set to DEBUG)

2) Check the XML to make sure there are no extraneous objects being imported. Take everything out of the xml except the process form (and make sure the columns are listed!). I highly recommend an XML editing tool such as XMLSpy or Stylus Studio to do this.Try the import once again after you have cleaned up the xml.

3) If all else fails, you will need to back out your changes. Warning: perform the following at your own risk and only if you are an expert in OIM schema. The process form can be deleted from the database by deleting the relevant row from the SDK table. The database will make sure you remove all references to the row first.

Here are some best practices when dealing with OIM's Deployment Manager:

- Read Chapter 1 of the Best Practices Guide - it has extensive coverage of Deployment Manager.

- Do small imports, and always start with the objects that can live by themselves without any dependencies (you can have a group without anything else, you can have a process form, but only with admin groups, etc)

- Always check XMLs to make sure that extra objects haven't been carried along. For example, if the person who creates a process form is in 10 groups in the dev environment, those 10 groups get attached as Administrative groups on the form. Then those groups get carried into the next environment.
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