The rise of Suncle: Solaris, Java, ripple effects
by Deborah Volk on April 20th, 2009

In previous articles on this blog, we took a look at all 3 parts of Sun/Oracle identity and access management portfolio - identity administration, access management and directory services. This blog will talk about some of the other components of the acquisition.
Solaris. With Oracle gaining ownership of Solaris, Oracle Enterprise Linux (OEL) will no longer be an ever-present entity looking very forlorn on the list of supported/certified platforms for a particular Oracle identity or access product. I don't think Oracle will abandon OEL completely (RedHat and IBM need to be kept in check, after all) but it will become a much lower priority vs Solaris. According to my long-haired and bearded system administrator friends (you know they qualify with a look like that!) with Solaris, Oracle gains a superior product to Linux on a number of levels.

When we talk to customers about their proposed deployment of one of Oracle's identity and access products, there arises a question of application server, JVM and OS. A long and exciting process known as deciphering Oracle's certification matrix begins; it usually culminates with a question of "Linux or Windows ?". Oracle's identity and access products support other OSes but Linux and Windows enjoy the greatest breadth of certification. That is, you can run just about any J2EE app server and just about any JVM if you choose Linux or Windows; going with a different OS will limit your choices. With Solaris being an Oracle product, it becomes a de facto certification choice across the board. Web servers, app servers, databases, directories. Makes it easy for customers who are allowed a choice by their IT department to use Solaris as a verb and say Solaris me!
Java. This and Sun's customers (mmmm..maintenance revenue..tasty!) is why Oracle bought Sun, right? RedMonk has a nice writeup that covers all relevant angles.
Hardware. Let me just register my one-liner prediction that Oracle will not keep the hardware business, despite all proclamations to the contrary. They might give it a shot but sooner rather than later it'll be spun off or sold. I don't see identity management or other appliances in Oracle's future. They like warm protoplasm (read: software).
Ripple Effects. Gartner's John Pescatore writes on his blog about ripple effects from the acquisition. One of the effects is what he calls a "startup echo effect" where the smart people will leave Oracle after their 1-year retention bonus runs out and start their own companies. "It's like flowers blooming nourished by the ashes of the previous company". No mention of fertilizer?

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