Geography Lesson
by Deborah Volk on April 15th, 2009

Since I started blogging, the number of visitors to the site has grown dramatically and I thank all of you for stopping by. Our readership spans the entire globe with people coming from 30 countries on all major continents, everywhere from Finland and Russia to Qatar and South Korea. United States is leading the way in terms of visits but I am slightly disappointed in coverage. We only have 40 states out of 50 showing up. I can understand Montana, Wyoming and both Dakotas missing in action but Wisconsin, Tennessee, Arkansas and Oklahoma need to wake up and discover the identity challenge within. I am not even talking about Alaska (Sarah Palin, you KNOW you've got an identity management problem!) and Hawaii.

If you know folks in those missing states, bring them over. When we hit 50 states, I will commemorate the occasion by writing to Steve Jobs and requesting a donation of a new iPhone to Identigral so I can listen to Stackoverflow podcasts and twitter incessantly.

...and to make this post worth something, I included a gorgeous relief image from US Geological Survey that shows the varying age of bedrock underlying North America. Can you guess which colors represent older formations? If you're having a hard time, I strongly recommend getting a geology lesson. Click on the image for more info and a full-resolution shot.

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