Burning and looting
by Deborah Volk on April 1st, 2009

For those of you who like FeedBurner, you can subscribe to our feed at http://feeds.identigral.com/identigral . Unfortunately we can't change the RSS link on the right so it'll continue pointing to www.identigral.com/blog/rss. If the feed moves from www.identigral.com to some other universe (underverse?), we won't lose you and you won't lose us. If you've already subscribed to the feed off the website, no need to resubscribe via FeedBurner...unless you're one of those law-and-order-everything-must-be-neat-tagged-and-categorized kind of person. In that case, you're welcome to click on the animated headline (forever stuck in its frozen glory) or the link above, they both lead to the same place (shhh).

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